Cary Laird

    • MS Student – Mechanical Engineering
    • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering – Auburn University (2018)
    • B.S. in Physics – Auburn University (2018)
    • Research Interests: Control and System Design Optimization for Electrified Mobility




Current Work

Energy storage is a crucial technology in many different industries, such as the electric vehicle and building cooling industries. In particular, the rapidly growing industry of vehicle electrification relies heavily on electrical energy storage for vehicle propulsion, passenger comfort, and support of vital loads. Many electric vehicle applications experience high ramp rate (HRR) electrical loading situations, and thus require specialized electrical energy storage. Due to the inherent linkage between the electrical and thermal domains, HRR electrical loading results in HRR thermal loading, and thus careful attention must be paid to thermal management systems for HRR applications. Typically, electrical and thermal energy storage are treated separately, but my work focuses on combining electrical and thermal energy storage for HRR applications. Previous work has found that hybrid electro-thermal energy storage is a valuable technology for HRR applications. Future work aims to develop advanced control strategies and design methods to manage the complex electr0-thermal coupling in these types of storage systems.


Publications (Conference)

C.E. Laird and A.G. Alleyne, “A Hybrid Electro-Thermal Energy Storage System for High Ramp Rate Power Applications,” in ASME 2019 Dynamic Systems and Control Conf., 2019.