Spencer Kieffer


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  • sjkieff2@illinois.edu
  • Masters Candidate in Mechanical Engineering (Expected Graduation – May 2017)
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Notre Dame, 2015
  • Research Interests:  Dynamic modeling, Control Systems, Iterative Learning Control

Current Work

My current work is focused on the control of an electrohydrodynamic jet printing system. Electrohydrodynamic jet printing, or E-Jet for short, is a new printing technology that uses electrical forces to pull ink out of a nozzle rather than pressure, which is typically used. Ions in functional inks, which can include polymers, chemicals, and metallic suspensions, are charged by an applied voltage. The charged ions are drawn to the substrate, which is grounded, resulting in a print. E-Jet printing produces smaller feature sizes with higher precision than ink jet printing. This technology has the potential to produce micro- and nano-scale electronics, biosensors, and optical devices with a high throughput.