Chris Urbanski

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  • Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering – University of Illinois
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of New Hampshire (May 2018)
  • Research Interests: Control Systems, Additive Manufacturing, Quality Control






Current Work

Extrusion based additive manufacturing (AM) often lacks any process monitoring with regards to material deposition, relying on position control of the machine to achieve accurate material placement instead. However, accurate machine position does not guarantee accurate material placement due to the material dynamics during extrusion. This can lead to defects in material placement and part geometry, especially when working in the micro/nano scale.

My current research is focused on improving material placement during the AM process. Developing process monitoring techniques for the deposition task space utilizes computer vision to construct 3D maps of the deposited material in real-time. This allows material placement errors to be identified and corrected using feedback control during the deposition process.